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Hire the Right Crew

Finding and hiring the right the right crew for your film project is very important as the energy and vibe on set is paramount to

Shorts or Features?

The jump from producing short films to features can be a daunting experience. For some reason a lot of filmmakers think that making short films

The Private Fundraiser

Trying to raise money to finish the post-production on your independent film can be both exhilarating and challenging. On one hand you know have the

Mathilde Darmady – Katie Mathilde

Mathilde is a young aspiring actress from the Far North of Scotland. She is currently studying at Wick High School and recently won the chance

Eilidh McLaughlin – Alex

Eilidh McLaughlin is a talented young Scottish actress who studied performance at the University of the West of Scotland. She is a member of Blood

Rebecca Calienda – Kathryn

Rebecca Calienda is an accomplished film and theatre actress. She is a student of both The Stanislavsky Technique and Meisner. Rebecca is a powerful actress

James Rottger – Callum Andrews

James Rottger came highly recommended to Fionn and Toby by Helen Mackay, who had worked with him numerous times over the years and with whom

Helen Mackay – Jenny Andrews

Helen is a high school friend of Fionn’s and shared a passion for the arts way back when they were in a history class together.

Grace Courtney – Bee/Beleth Travis

Grace was cast as Bee Travis after giving an outstandingly instinctive audition that was completely right for the character. Grace relished the opportunity to play

William Holstead – Jack Travis

Toby and Fionn hired Will for a corporate video shoot and were so impressed with his high level of talent and versatility, they eventually cast

Fionn Watts – Producer and Director

Since graduating with a Film and Media Degree from The University of Stirling (2009), Fionn has worked tirelessly studying independent film producing. His debut feature

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