Hire the Right Crew

Hire the right crew

Finding and hiring the right the right crew for your film project is very important as the energy and vibe on set is paramount to helping you realise your creative vision as a producer/director. With Playhouse we were keen to crew up as much as possible locally as we believe it’s always good to work with people from near where you’re based providing they have the right skill sets. The reason for this is that it’s easier to meet up with people and develop a good personal connection with those freelancers working in your area than those further afield. Also, it’s important to provide local opportunities for work and a boost to the arts and economy to be able flourish outside of the power house of London. So with Playhouse we crewed up largely from Sheffield where we are based as well as the far north of Scotland where the film was shot. For the other roles we approached people we have either worked with before and get on well with but also asked for recommendations from these contacts for other crew suggestions. Looking at not only skill set but temperament is key as under stress you need reliability and positive attitude. Therefore finding out not only what people have worked on previously but what they are like as people especially under pressure is key to making the right choices with hiring crew and avoiding the ‘bad egg’ on set.

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